Nitrous oxide is a colorless, noncorrosive, nontoxic gas. It is essentially odorless with a barely perceptible sweet odor.

We offer compressed Nitrous oxide gas in a variety of purities and concentrations.

Nitrous  oxide supply :

  • Compressed Gas Nitrous Oxide : can be supplied in different cylinders sizes ranging from 1 kg capacity to 35 kg.

Nitrous oxide applications:

Several different grades of nitrous oxide are available to support different  applications. Medical grade product is primarily used in the medical industry as an anesthetic. Other healthcare services and the dental industry use nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen as an analgesic to reduce pain. Medical gases must comply with regional pharmaceutical legislation, e.g., for Europe with the European Medicines Agency, or for the US with the Food and Drug Administration. Industrial grade product is used in food processing as a propellant and to a limited extent in auto racing to enhance engine performance. High-purity grades are used in analytical applications and very high-purity grades are used in the manufacture of semiconductors and other microelectronic devices.