This is some text!Compressed Oxygen Gas & Liquid Oxygen
We produce oxygen at our plant with a minimum purity of 99.8% , gas and liquid oxygen can be supplied .
Chemical properties (

Oxygen Supply :

Cylinders/Cylinder Packs
• From 0.5 cybic meter to 10m3 capacity , or in European packs (pallets)

Micro bulk tanks :

Liquid cylinders (tanks) of oxygen are available in different volumes to meet any requirement.
Bulk Deliveries/Storage Systems
for large consumptions , CIMG can provide large industries with storage tanks from 1000 liter to 100,000 liter ,
That will guarantee the a high purity continual supply . Our dedicate Networking team can perform the necessary studies for the networking system ,
insuring the best installing as per highest standards

Oxygen Delivering Solutions :

We own the largest delivery fleet for Liquid Oxygen supply , from 5tons tankers capacity to 25tons semi-trailers
our fleet is always ready 24/7 to fulfil the demand of our clients.

Oxygen Applications :

smelting of iron ore into steel (steel Mills)
chemical industry to create ethylene oxide, antifreeze and polyester polymers (the precursors of many plastics and fabrics)
metal cutting and welding,
rocket fuel
water treatment
oxyacetylene welding
Marble and Granite