Chehab Industrial and medical gases ,

has the technical know how and experienced engineers to perform support needed for Production plants – ASU .

Whether Greenfield (stand alone ) or Onsite plants ( connected to a steel mill or heavy industry ) ,

CIMG can perform all related tasks from the initial study to operating


Study : Advisory services on design , capacity and brand prior to purchase .

Allocation : Sales of brand new or used plants

Logistics : Dismantling and installation of plants from and to any place in the world

Operating : Startup , service ,maintenance and operation on contractual basis for any plant

Units : Upgrade and overhauling for used plants maximizing efficiency and reducing production cost

Software : design and upgrade of operating software for old plants allowing more adequate and user friendly operation .

Projects performed by PSD :

2005  Apex Plant  

Dismantling from China , shipping and installation in Nigeria of an Airproducts 40 tpd LOX / LIN greenfield Plant for  our sister company APEX African Gas in Nigeria


2010  Chehab Plant     

Dismantling from Far-east , shipping and installation in Lebanon of an Airproducts 80 tpd LOX / LIN at our facility in Chouf – Lebanon
2012   Syrian Steel Mill
Coding the complete software and tuning on stream for a Si-Schwan 200 tpd Production Plant On-stream for a steel mill in Syria – Damascus
2013    Abidjan Plant     
Shipping Chehab dismantled Linde plant to Abidjan , installing and operating of 15tpd LOX / LIN greenfield for a client